General and specialist dental services

  • General dentistry and hygiene

    General dentistry and hygiene

    Annerley Dental check upComplete Dental Works offers a wide range of general dentistry and hygiene services. Our patients’ dental health and well-being are our top priority. We focus on providing the best dental treatment plans, service and support for all our patients.

    Dental examinations and check-ups

    After your initial consultation, your Complete Dental Works dentist will conduct a careful and thorough oral examination and check-up.
    Your dentist can identify any existing or potential oral health problems regarding your teeth or gums. They will also check your teeth’s support tissues, your lymph and salivary glands, and your tongue. If required, we will also take X-rays and use an intra-oral camera to assist in our understanding, diagnosis and assessment of your oral health.

    Hygiene treatments

    Complete Dental Works hygiene treatmentsMaintaining healthy teeth and gums through regular dental hygiene treatment is essential. More adult teeth are lost through gum disease than tooth decay.
    At your dental hygiene visit, your dentist or hygienist will ensure you receive individualised hygiene care. They will ensure that your hygiene treatment will leave you with healthier and ultra-clean teeth.

    You receive the following services during your hygiene treatment:

    • An initial oral hygiene examination.
    • Scaling to remove all plaque build-up and tartar deposits – especially in those hard to reach areas.
    • A clean and polish to that leaves your tooth surfaces clean and smooth. Bacteria are unable to attach to a smooth tooth surface with no plaque or tartar
    • Fluoride treatment strengthens your tooth enamel and reduces the chances of tooth decay.
    • Personalised advice on oral care and hygiene at home.

    Missing tooth replacement

    complete dental works missing-tooth replacement annerleyYou may think that replacing your missing teeth will improve your appearance. You’re right, sure it does. However, replacing missing teeth can benefit you in many other ways.

    If you have missing teeth, your chewing ability and speech, as well as your appearance, are often affected. But the effects don’t stop there. Having missing teeth can impact on your oral and general health also. A gap left by single missing tooth can cause tooth drift and supra-eruption. A tooth can drift out of position if it doesn’t have an adjacent tooth (i.e. the missing tooth) to hold it in position. Supra-eruption is a natural phenomenon when your tooth continues to emerge out of your gums, if there is no opposing force. In the case of a missing tooth, the opposing tooth meets no resistance so it may supra-erupt.

    Missing teeth can affect your general health. Imagine trying to take a clean bite of an apple with a pair of missing front teeth. Reduced chewing ability results in poorly digested food and loss of nutrients that are vital for your body’s health and well-being.

    At Complete Dental Works, we can replace your missing teeth, and help prevent oral conditions associated with missing teeth from happening.

    There are three main dental treatment options for missing teeth:
    • Dental implants
    • Bridges
    • Dentures

    Dental implants

    Complete Dental Works Dental Implant dental bridgeDental implants are the most innovative and modern method of replacing your missing teeth. They are effective, durable and look natural.

    Dental implants are made up of two stages. The first stage involves surgically implanting a titanium post or screw into your jawbone. The titanium post acts as a foundation, or put simply, a new tooth root. Titanium is bio-safe and integrates securely with your jaw bone after a 6-12 week healing period.

    After the healing process is complete, you return for the second stage of your treatment – the attachment of a porcelain crown or prosthetic tooth to the titanium post. Your porcelain crown is designed and fabricated specifically to match your adjacent and opposing teeth your dental implant. All our porcelain crowns are handmade by highly experienced and skilled dental technician at our Upper Mt. Gravatt branch.

    The end result of your dental implant is a brand new tooth that is secure, safe, long-lasting and functional. Your dental implants also blend in with your surrounding teeth naturally.

    Complete Dental Works dentures AnnerleyCustomised dentures are a proven and trusted way to replace your missing teeth. Partial dentures can replace single or multiple teeth, while full dentures can replace full rows of teeth. Dentures can be fixed either fixed or removable.
    It usually takes a few appointments to have your dentures made and fitted. The first step involves taking dental impressions and measurements. The next step is the creation of a custom denture model that you test for fit, form and function. After adjustments for shape and position are made, your denture model is sent to our dental lab for final casting. Once they have been completed, you return to have your new dentures fitted and adjusted.
    You will have a few follow-up visits to attend. Your dentist will need to ensure your new dentures continue to feel comfortable and function correctly – when you talk, eat and drink.

    Dental bridges are fixed devices used to replace one or more missing teeth. Bridges attach to the teeth on one or both sides of a gap left by a missing tooth. Bridges use these teeth to support the replacement tooth, unlike dental implants which are permanently fixed to your jaw bone.

    Tooth repair

    If you have damaged teeth, Complete Dental Works can help. We have a range of treatment options to repair decayed, cracked, broken and worn out teeth.

    Fillings are the most common and popular dental treatment for minor tooth cavities caused by tooth decay. In a filling treatment, filling material is used to repair your tooth. Fillings can help prevent toothache and further decay.
    A filling treatment is a simple two-part procedure. It can be performed during a single dental session. First, your dentist will administer a local anaesthetic and remove your tooth decay using dental tools. The cavity is then filled with amalgam, or a tooth-coloured composite material.

    Dental crown installationDental crowns are a dental treatment option to repair teeth that are seriously damaged but not completely lost. In short, it is a partial or whole tooth restoration.
    A crown is a prosthetic partial or whole tooth. It is colour-matched and custom designed to replace the damaged or decayed area of your existing tooth.
    First, a custom crown is created. It can be made of porcelain or gold. Your existing tooth is cleaned and prepared. Then your crown is permanently bonded to your tooth. Now, you have got yourself a brand new tooth. It should look and function in a similar way to a natural healthy tooth.

    Inlays and onlays
    Inlays and onlays are tooth restoration methods for repairing teeth. They are very realistic dental prostheses that are bonded to a prepared tooth. They are suitable for damaged or decayed teeth that don’t require a dental crown restoration, yet are too structurally weak to support a filling.
    Inlays and onlays are quite similar – the main difference being the parts of a tooth that each restore. Inlays are applied between the cusps of your teeth. For example, a cavity that is too large to support a filling. Outlays repair damaged cusps on the biting surface of a tooth. Since outlays can be used to restore a large area of a tooth, they are sometimes referred to as a partial crown.

    Complete Dental Works Annerley veneersVeneers are a popular and effective method of repairing teeth that are chipped, stained, crooked, gapped or uneven. This dental procedure involves the use of a thin, finely crafted piece of porcelain or composite resin, which is bonded to the front of your teeth.
    While veneers can restore teeth damaged in an accident, such as a chipped tooth, they also have cosmetic dental applications. Celebrities with dazzling Hollywood smiles often benefit from veneers.
    After your initial consultation, you may have to follow a detailed oral hygiene routine using a special mouthwash for a few weeks, prior to your veneer procedure. Good oral hygiene and health at the time of your procedure is crucial to the success and lifetime of your veneers.

    Types of veneers:
    • Porcelain veneers are recommended for their strength, long-life (up to 25 years) and realistic appearance.
    • Composite veneers (or build ups) are fabricated from a composite resin material. They are bonded straight onto your tooth’s surface. The results are natural but not as durable as porcelain veneers, so they may need to be replaced more often.

    Gum disease treatment

    Complete Dental Works Cavity And TeethPeriodontitis is an advanced gum disease. It is the leading cause of tooth loss in Australian adults. Untreated periodontitis can seriously impact your oral and general health if left untreated.
    Gingivitis is an early form of gum disease. The onset of gingivitis occurs when plaque and tartar causes gum inflammation. Eventually the inflammation spreads along your teeth into your gums.
    Your gum tissue, ligaments and bone are the support structures for your teeth. If they are chronically affected by gum inflammation then they may fail to support your teeth – putting you at risk of losing your tooth. Chronic gum inflammation is linked to serious health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease.

    If you notice just one of the following warning signs for gum disease, arrange for a check up with your dentist at Complete Dental Works.
    Signs of gum disease:

    • bleeding gums when brushing or flossing
    • puffy or swollen gums
    • redness of the gums
    • sensitive or painful gums
    • loose or separating teeth
    • receding or detaching gums
    • constant bad breath, odour and taste
    • mouth sores (or abscesses) secretions

    Types of dental treatment for gum disease at Complete Dental Works:

    Oral hygiene

    Complete Dental Works Annerley Oral hygieneGood oral care and hygiene at home are essential life-style factors that help prevent gum disease.

    Your dentist can also advise you on the most suitable oral care techniques, methods and routines to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

    Clean, scale and polish

    Cleaning and scaling stop the spread of plaque and tartar in their tracks. Polishing prevents the formation of new plaque.

    Your dentist can help you with advice for a personalised oral health and hygiene plan at home, and suitable oral health care products.

    Root planing

    If you have gum inflammation that has spread to the supporting gum tissue for your teeth, you may have periodontitis.

    Root planing is a dental treatment that removes tartar, bacteria and any other cause of inflammation below your gum line. The treatment utilises a non-surgical, deep cleaning method which is necessary if you have active and advanced periodontitis.

    Complete Dental Works Development of periodontitis

    Follow up appointments are also necessary so your dentist check and the health of your gums, and the effectiveness of the root planing treatment.

    Gum surgery

    If you have periodontitis in an advanced stage, then you may require the gum surgery services of a periodontal specialist. They are able to repair and restore soft and hard gum tissue that has been damaged by gum inflammation and infection.